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Broken River

Theatre Performance

Broken River logo created by Mike Fletcher

JOY 94.9 FM

Joel King-Mayne from JOY 94.9 FM, Joy Weekly interviews Lily Johnson and James William, two of Melbourne's most exciting young actors, both are graduates of the National Theatre Drama School, and now they star together in one of the most exciting theatre productions ‘Broken River’ which is set to debut at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival. Lily and James tell all in Joel's interview about their first serious staged drama, triggering emotions, and taboo language. Lily & James welcome to JOY Weekly. Their involvement in Broken River as a married couple is set to debut at this year's Melbourne Fringe Festival in October ... Happy Listening 

Lily Johnson & James William - interviewJOY 94.9 FM
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2023 Melbourne Fringe Festival World Premiere

Darren Brealey's
New Play

Broken River

Broken River Image

Cosmic Players Theatre premiered Darren Brealey’s new theatrical drama in the 2023 Melbourne Fringe Festival at Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park between Monday 16 and Thursday 19 October, 2023.


Broken River premiered at the festival with a stellar cast delivering a gritty production. This is Brealey's most engaging and captivating stage script to date.

Brealey cultivated somber characters in a contemporary story to deliver an addictive and hypnotising drama.

Born from two true-life stories culminating in family disruption after a parent passes. When tempers flare, love is on trial, and nothing can quell the years of underlying sibling rivalry.

Broken River rises above the phoenix out of an award-winning one-act play, Separating The Dust which tells the story of a dysfunctional family, sibling rivalry, and a mother’s love on trial, and failing.

Broken River tells the story of the Morris household, where the love of family was never ceded, yet ego rises up to take power.

When a mother's love is not enough to solve the longstanding sibling rivalry between two brothers, elder abuse, and powers of attorney, she never quits attempting to dissolve her children's sibling rivalry.

Virginia suffers from cancer and dementia, requiring her two boys’ support. She unforgivingly clings to her sense of humor, her memories, and her way of life.


Virginia is a mother, a woman, and when she must be manipulative, calls upon her two boys, enforcing demands and obligations through guilt and fear.


The matriarch of the family, a survivor of a harsh life, fought her way through tough times for her boys. She dreamed of a life when a wealthy man would take care of her every whim and care, but reality dealt a cold-harsh blow.


Her two sons have no choice but to work together to sort out their Mother's Final Will and Testament.


Love is on trial.

cosmic players presents

When a mother's love is not enough

Virginia never quits attempting to dissolve her children's sibling rivalry. Suffering from cancer and dementia, she requires the support of her two boys. 

2023 Melbourne Fringe Festval
2023 Melbourne Fringe


Tracey feeds Virginia

Tracey feeds Virginia

Virginia, suffers from Dementia and cancer. Tracey feeds Virginia at meal times.

Virginia fired up

Virginia fired up

Virginia argues with Chad and Tracey.

Virginia pokes her cane

Virginia pokes her cane

Virginia pokes her cane at Michael, for speaking out of turn.

Tracey consoles Chad

Tracey consoles Chad

When life changes forever, and the shock is too much for a man to contain.

Michael learns a lesson

Michael learns a lesson

When family rules are broken, and the river runs dry.

Morris Family

Morris Family

Virginia Morris, with her two sons, Chad and Michael, and Tracey, wife of Chad pose for a family photo.

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